It's time to get Juicy!!

Give your digestive system a rest and take the first step forward to changing your life


  Ever wonder why it’s recommended to rest after a meal and avoid exercise? Or questioned where the term “kanak attack” and that sluggish feeling after a large meal comes from? Our digestive organs are muscles that use oxygen and energy to process our food. For most people, they burn the same amount of calories to digest a day’s worth of food, as it would take to run a full marathon. 

  Poor diet and over eating can be the cause of many imbalances of the body, mind and spirit. This may add to serious physical and mental health complications. Many people who feel sluggish and opt for coffee or energy drinks as a mid-day pick me up are actually suffering from digestive issues or are dehydrated.

  Here at Shaka Pressed Juice we are dedicated to encouraging the chemistry of the body in the most natural way. All juices are made of fresh, raw, and locally sourced ingredients. Through the Shaka Pressed Juice cleanse, we have selected the perfect balance of fruits and vegetables so that your body receives the daily recommendation of nutrients and vitamins. 

The Shaka Pressed Juice Cleanse Program will allow your system to focus its energy on repairing, rejuvenating, and nourishing your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. The Cold-Pressed process eliminates the fibrous parts of the fruits and vegetables, allowing your body to easily absorb the vitamins and nutrients.