Aloha Shaka Fans! A couple of months ago a friend mentioned the name “Shaka” to me because she knew I loved to drink fresh raw juices. She said it was a new juice place. So I searched on line and read all about this place. Next thing you know I was on my way to Shaka. When I got there I knew I would love this place. The staff were very friendly and helpful and there was an abundance of fresh raw juices. I bought a sample of each of the juices and almond milks to try out and never looked back. I’ve tried juices at other juice shops but I love Shaka juice blends and the vanilla and cinnamon almond milks. I have been with them ever since and buy their juices on a regular basis. Although I live on the leeward side I don’t mind driving down to Shaka several times a week to buy their juices and milks. They are definitely worth it. They also have a great cleanse with green and root juices, a morning cleanse tonic and an evening almond milk. I got the pleasure of meeting the owners and I can see that they both care about their customers and continue to look for new ways to expand. I’m so grateful for finding Shaka. Every chance I get I tell everyone about their juices and share some of mine. Mahalo Shaka for continuing to keep us healthy and vibrant!
— Tricia
The juices are legit. Plain and simple. You want something that tastes incredible, is amazingly good for you, and is a great way to either start or end the day, or replace a meal? This is it. It’s on my running route around Diamond Head, so finishing with something cold and healthy is right up my alley. People here have said they are expensive, but I dare say this is the response of the uneducated. If you saw how much kale goes into their Shaka Greens blend, then looked at the price of kale at the market, you’d understand. You’re also getting juice coming out of a machine that cost at least 3x the price of my car. I swear, it looks like the Rolls Royce of juice-pressers. It’s kind of amazing to see the girls there work it.
— Dane


Honolulu Biting Commentary


"Thanks to the juice cleanse by @shakajuice, I fit my wedding dress!! I'm not the juice-only type as I love food, but Shaka Juice's juice cleanse WITH FOOD helped me make it through and made me look and feel fabulously on my wedding day. I will remember that day and how I felt forever! Thank you @Shakajuice!"     -Chyna after doing two 5 days cleanses before her big day



"If I ever see or hear anyone complaining about the price of good cold pressed fresh juice then I know they have not been very sick and tried nature to heal. The cost of producing these bottles of nature is not cheap, and the benefits they bring are priceless. I was at death's door and did a strict juice cleanse for a few weeks/months and was able to completely resolve all signs of disease in 12 weeks. I know I'm not everyone but that's still pretty impressive stats to get you guys to at least consider trying without freaking out about the price. Some things (being alive) are just worth the money. If you're just a regular person with no illness this is also something to do just to stay that way, but if there's anyone out there that doesn't feel so well or has a chronic disease, I highly recommend drinking at least one of Shaka Pressed Juice's green drinks/day. Add a shot w/Turmeric too.I'm quite certain everything we need to heal ourselves comes from Earth.Instead of asking why is food that's good for you so expensive, you should ask why all the processed and fast food is so cheap." -Christa W. on Yelp