An Intro to Cold Press...

Aloha, and Mahalo nui loa for tuning in!

This is my very first blog post for Shaka Pressed Juice, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. First things first, I want you to know a little about me, the author. My name is Brooklynn, I’m a life liver, loud laugher, sunshine adventurer, juice drinker, yoga teaching, always smiling, crazy girl! When I’m not teaching yoga or adventuring, you can find me inside the lovely little Shaka Pressed Juice shop- making you and everyone else some dang good cold pressed juice. I’m really thankful to work for such a great company, and such great people like our owners- Juri and Keegan. They are a yoga teaching, pro surfing, power couple that want to share their healthy and active lifestyle with everyone through their juice. It is very important to me to surround myself with people that are a good example and have a positive impact on others. I want be with people that will help me learn and grow for the better, Juri and Keegan are these people- as well as all of the staff at Shaka! Stop in on any given day and see for yourself. So here I am, blogging. My main goal is to share aspects of a healthy and happy life with our viewers. The best part? Our juice can aid in a huge way! The benefits are endless, so stick around. I’d be happy to share a few. (More content below.)

To start, I’d like to explain the cold press process. While working in the shop I get a chance to explain this almost hourly, it’s really fun to educate people on our awesomeness! Most people see that our juices are already bottled and don’t understand why we don’t make it “fresh” on the spot. (All my cold pressers will get a kick out of that one.) But like many, before actually getting up close and personal with our dazzling X-1 Juicer I had no clue how cold pressed worked either. So… without further ado,

The differences between cold press and normal juicing:

For one, smaller juicing machines use a lot of friction in the process. Friction creates heat; heat kills the natural enzymes in the fruits and vegetables. Without these natural enzymes packed with nutrients and antioxidants the juice you’ve just made is still good, but only has about a ten minute shelf life and needs to be drank immediately for you to attain the nutritional value you are seeking. Cold Press is simply different. A bit of a give away from the name, but yes, the process of extracting juice from our produce is COLD. This means that all those delicious and nutritious natural enzymes in our fruits and veggies stay perfectly intact. Allowing our product to have a shelf life of up to four days- depending on the juice! Wonderful right? Especially if you’re interested in a cleanse… But that is a topic for another post! Now to explain the reason why we bottle, instead of preparing on the spot. Most juicing machines are fairly small; they can sit on your countertop and only make about one serving at a time. If you’ve ever been inside the shop, you know our X-1 Cold Press is HUGE. The thing is bigger than half our employees, and probably weighs more than all of us combined. Now why would you make one 16 ounce serving in a machine that is capable of juicing dozens and dozens of pounds of produce at a time? I don’t know either… Lucky for us, the ability to juice around forty pounds (give or take) of produce at a time lets us make big batches of your favorite juices! That are then bottled on the spot, in house, with love, by us Juicers here at Shaka. Conveniently for you, it will only take a few short minutes to purchase your favorite concoction and be on your way!

To wrap things up, choose cold pressed!

It is the best thing out there for you. Stop by Shaka and sample some of our favorite concoctions! A seasonal favorite of mine is our Watermelon Wonder. It’s a great way to hydrate on these hot summer days, so be sure to come try it while it lasts! Tune in next week to learn about some more of my favorite juices here at the shop. I will be discussing different ingredients and their nutritional benefits, PLUS the best way to get a jump start on your day! Aloha!