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Here at Shaka Juice, we strongly promote a healthy lifestyle. We also love our customers and the healthy lifestyles they lead- constantly setting a good example for everyone around them. We like to give back with the gift of health, in the form of FREE YOGA! Because everyone knows, health is wealth! Every Sunday at 5pm in Kapiolani Park between Leahi avenue and Paki avenue, join us for some stretchy goodness while the sun sets! Our instructor, Brooklynn, also works part time at Shaka and gets to experience first hand the love and commitment from our customers. “I’m a strong believer in the idea that wealth is not measured by monetary value.”  Says Brooklynn, about why she enjoys teaching the free classes so much. The free class she leads is a vinyasa flow form- starting slow then building the heat with stretches accessible to all levels and linking the body with the breath, followed by a gentle cool down and several yin postures. Class is all levels, with plenty of modifications offered, beginners welcome! Please bring a water bottle, yoga mat or towel, and wear comfortable clothes for exercise. After class enjoy juice sampling at Shaka Pressed Juice and a 10% discount on any purchase! Mahalo!


It’s not quite the end of the week but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few shots! That’s right, I just gave you permission to drown your sorrows in one-ounce liquid servings of happiness… Non-alcoholic of course! (;

The shots I’m talking about are so much better for you. And the energy they bring wont leave you with a headache the morning after! Here at Shaka Pressed Juice, we have three delicious and nutritious options to help spark your interest; Ginger, Turmeric, and Wheat Grass.

We love having options not only to offer something for everyone’s taste, but because there are a diverse range of benefits packed into every little shot- each more different than the next. The shots here at shaka are a great choice because they are never watered down and never have sugar added. They are a great way to quickly boost your immune system if you’re feeling a cold come on, and a fast way to help out your digestive track for a tummy ache. Below are some direct benefits our different shots have;


Turmeric: (Ingredients: Turmeric juice with a dash of ginger and orange juices.)This shot is for the juicers that like their strong flavors! The extra dash of ginger in this shot provides all the benefits listed below under the Ginger shot, as well as some great vitamin C from the orange. Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. A great shot to pair with any weight-loss journey you may be embarking on, as well as an aide for any injuries.


Ginger: (Ingredients: Ginger juice with a dash of lemon and pineapple juices to gently cushion the sweet burn.)  Disclaimer: Drinking pure ginger juice with no water or other juice forms added can cause serious burns to the esophagus that may require medical treatment. Always opt for a gentler form of ginger juice to avoid injury.) Ginger is a great way to help flush your system as well as combat nausea… Expecting mommies I’m talking to you! What better way to deal with morning sickness? Avoid all the pills and medication that you’re not quite sure about and stick to a natural remedy. Another great benefit is that ginger has been suggested to relieve muscle pain and soreness as well as give you a huge energy spike (A good way to avoid processed energy drinks)! Here at Shaka juice we hold healthy living and exercise to a high standard, come by for a ginger shot after your work out to help your muscles heal (Did you know we offer a 10% discount to individuals that come in sweaty? Just mention the 10% sweat discount to your cashier at check out!)


Wheatgrass: (Ingredients: Pure wheatgrass juice.) What isn’t wheatgrass good for? Let’s face it, when it comes to wheatgrass you love it or your hate it- there is no in between. Luckily it seems that this little green monster seems to be a shop favorite, and one of our most frequently requested menu items! (Hurry in, we tend to run out fast between produce deliveries!) Wheatgrass juice is an effective healer because it contains all minerals known to man, and vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, l and K. It is rich in protein, and contains 17 amino acids. Wheatgrass juice contains up to 70% chlorophyll, which is an important blood builder. Chlorophyll is the first product of light and, therefore, Wheatgrass contains more light energy than any other food element. It’s a no brainer why this is the most popular shot on the menu- its like liquid magic!

If you need something fast to wake you up or boost your energy, give a wellness shot a try. They might not be the tastiest or the most filling in comparison to other juices, but they are the fastest way to receive maximum health benefits. On top of that, I’ll tell you right now they are the magic hangover cure. I always get people I get rolling in Saturday afternoon, sunglasses and sweatpants adorned, asking for something to take the pain of last night’s transgressions away. Take one or two of these babies and you will be ready to head into work or school on time looking refreshed. Headaches-be-gone! Pair with one of our sweeter 16 ounce concoctions to wash it down easy. “Paradise Punch” seems to be a favorite chaser… And I’ve heard it makes for a great mixer too! (;

Living a healthy lifestyle is important, our body is the only one we get and therefore it should be a priority to fill it with healthy foods. However, living a stressed lifestyle is equally unhealthy, we all need those nights to loosen up and make a few mistakes! Better to do it while you’re young and able… I hear senior bars are few and far between- and not as hopping as you’d think! So feel free to get a little crazy, as long as you promise to come into Shaka for some hydration the morning after. On that note, maybe stick to juice shots until the weekend has officially arrived!

Happy juicing! And see you soon!


P.s. Feel free to check out the instagram pages for Shaka Juice, and myself;  @ilikethewind and @shakajuice – For healthy living tips and inspiration daily!

O’ahu’s Hidden Gems, and How to Find Them

As promised in my last post, I am releasing some of my best-kept secrets! Something about working in a cold pressed juice shop, constantly sampling concoctions packed full of vital nutrients our bodies crave, makes me hungrier for adventure than ever before. Nix to the energy drinks and power bars, my drive for exploration is always fueled by filling my body with the healthiest foods that are sourced locally. Juices like the ones at Shaka will blow you away with the energy and mood boosters they deliver. On top of that, they are great for complexion and digestion. I know that when you feel good, you look good, and you stay motivated longer. So a quick Thank You to my favorite Cold Press shop, Shaka!

Without further ado… Here we go!


#1: The Tree House:

This is my favorite spot if I’m jones-ing for a view. Up on Mt. Tantalus, you can sit at stare at beautiful Honolulu and picturesque Diamond Head below. This is also a favorite for a quick night hike for some amazing stargazing on this side of the island. With the city lights, South Shore doesn’t always have the best view of the stars. But from way up on the mountain I promise you’ll be dazzled by all the lights- both from the sky and the lit up cityscape below! Just a handful of turns past Puu Ualakaa State Wayside Park, you will see a trail marker on the right side of the road. The trail forks right off the entrance, go right and follow it up to a large banyan and the tree house will be hanging over the edge in a tree off the cliff. Happy trails and good luck!


#2: Alan Davis Beach:

Also know as Pele’s Chair or “Pirate Planks”, this little cove is the best for an afternoon of fun with friends, rock running, and snorkeling/free diving! If you get here for sunrise you will always have the whole place to yourself, and the marine life will be breath taking. Hundreds of fish. So beatiful. Jumping off the plank is always fun too. For this little gem, park at the Makapuu Light House trail parking lot. At the start of the paved trail, you will see a dirt trail veering right down towards the sea. It’s a bit of a walk but it so worth it. The beautiful Koko Head Crater makes the perfect backdrop for this beach day.


#3: West Side Tide Pools:

If you have seen the hashtag #westsidebestside lately, let me just tell you it’s the truth. I put off going to the west side for months after moving here because I heard it could be dangerous with high levels of theft and confrontation. And although that wasn’t entirely wrong, I have had zero troubles thus far. The West side is one of the most beautiful parts of the island. The mountains are breathtaking and the beaches are HUGE and deserted! Not to mention some of the best snorkeling on the island is off of Electric Beach, another favorite! If you drive all the way out to Ka’ena Point, or at least as far as your car can make it, and the walk along the dirt road for about 20 minutes you will come to some breath taking tide pools. Filled with marine life like colorful sea urchins and cowry shells, these are pools fit for a mermaid, or merman! Don’t forget a mask, you’ll want to see this! Not to mention the towering mountains that complete your view when look back East towards the rest of the island. 



            Now I can’t give all of my secrets away just yet. And even though I have a long list I’m dying to share with you guys, I have to keep you coming back for more somehow! If you have any questions or just want a little more detail on the locations of these places, feel free to drop a comment and I will get back to you asap. And remember, you will most likely need an energy booster before you embark on your new and epic adventures! That means you should come to Shaka and fuel up on your favorite Cold Pressed! Mahalo Nui, friends!


The Best Way to Jump Start Your Day

Do you ever wake up on a Monday morning, sleepy-eyed and bushy-tailed? (Whatever that last part even means, sounds like bedhead to me, right?) SO sleepy and bed head-y, in fact, that the biggest cup of coffee you can find won’t even cut it? Me too. Almost every Monday actually. Or at least, I did… until I figured out what a “Morning Elixer” is.

I want to start by saying how awesome the start of a new week is supposed to be. Each Monday you have grown, learned more, and basically progressed in your life. You are doing it. You are accomplishing things you want to accomplish, achieving the goals you dreamed of. And even though that 6:00am commute to a long day of work is hard, remember how much you wanted that job? How hard you worked for it? It’s easy to forget. It’s easy to take for granted- especially when you are just dying for an extra thirty minutes in bed Monday morning. But not anymore!

Morning Elixer is a lovely 16 ounce concoction that not only wakes you up, but clears you up. It is basically an adrenaline rush in a bottle, without all the hard stuff on your heart like today’s energy drinks and sodas. Even better, its actually GOOD for you. Alkaline Water, Cayenne Pepper, Organic Honey, and Lemon Juice. Only four all-nature, all-delicious, ingredients to make your Monday’s exciting and energized again. Want to know how these ingredients jumpstart your body in the healthiest way possible?

First off, let me explain the concept behind this mysterious “Alkaline Water”. The alkaline in a water refers to it’s pH level. A pH level measures the acidity or alkaline in water on a 0-14 scale. Basically water with a pH of 1 would be very acidic, while water with a pH of 14 would be very alkaline. Alkaline water, what we use in our Morning Elixer has a higher pH level than regular drinking water. Because of this, some advocates of alkaline water believe it can neutralize the acid in your body. Although there is no concrete proof, studies have suggested that drinking alkaline water may benefit people who suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. I’ve also heard it helps energize the body, and helps you achieve and hold onto a lovely youthful glow.

Now that we’ve knocked that little mystery out of the way, I want to tell you about health benefits achieved from honey, lemon, and cayenne pepper!


Honey has many anti-inflammatory properties and is helpful in soothing sore throats or coughs. It can also reduce seasonal allergy symptoms. It is also great as a natural energy booster! It’s natural unprocessed sugar, fructose and glucose, directly enter the bloodstream and can deliver a quick boost of energy. On top of all that, honey is also a natural antibiotic. So you can treat wounds and burns with it until receiving further medical attention.


As an excellent source of the powerful antioxidant vitamin C, lemons and lemon juice have been said to help fight against cancer. Lemon juice, eaten or applied topically, can help you maintain a healthy complexion as well when the vitamin C helps fight against sun damage. Foods that are high in vitamin C and other antioxidants can help the immune system battle germs that cause a cold or flu, so lemons can also help boost your immune system!


Cayenne pepper has the great ability to ease upset stomachs, sore throats, ulcers, and many other things that you would think a hot pepper would help… But it does! Paired with it’s anti-fungal properties are also anti-cold and flu. This little firecracker keeps your body healthy. On top of this it is a migraine/headache fixer AND a digestive aid. The list goes on, so let me just tell you… If your body is giving you funk cayenne should be your first stop.

I’m no doctor, but the possibilities alone are enough for me to want this magic potion the juicers at Shaka have dubbed “Morning Elixer”. It’s your one-stop shop for all things healthy and happy. You will start your day with a benefit packed bang and that lukewarm cup of coffee will never again measure up. Want to know the secret for a total powerhouse? Pair Morning Elixer with one of our green juices like Shaka Greens or Green Detoxer for more energy than you can possibly imagine! It truly is the breakfast of champions. But don’t take my word for it! Stop in and see for yourself at 3118 Monsarrat, Shaka Pressed Juice.

Mahalo for tuning in to learn about the best way to jump start your day! If you have any Q’s drop them in the comments section and I’ll be happy to get back to you with some A’s. Next week check back to learn about some of my favorite SECRET adventure spots on the beautiful island of O'ahu, and how I find the time to fit them in with a busy college/yoga/juicing schedule! That's right, I'm spilling the beans! Aloha friends!

An Intro to Cold Press...

Aloha, and Mahalo nui loa for tuning in!

This is my very first blog post for Shaka Pressed Juice, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. First things first, I want you to know a little about me, the author. My name is Brooklynn, I’m a life liver, loud laugher, sunshine adventurer, juice drinker, yoga teaching, always smiling, crazy girl! When I’m not teaching yoga or adventuring, you can find me inside the lovely little Shaka Pressed Juice shop- making you and everyone else some dang good cold pressed juice. I’m really thankful to work for such a great company, and such great people like our owners- Juri and Keegan. They are a yoga teaching, pro surfing, power couple that want to share their healthy and active lifestyle with everyone through their juice. It is very important to me to surround myself with people that are a good example and have a positive impact on others. I want be with people that will help me learn and grow for the better, Juri and Keegan are these people- as well as all of the staff at Shaka! Stop in on any given day and see for yourself. So here I am, blogging. My main goal is to share aspects of a healthy and happy life with our viewers. The best part? Our juice can aid in a huge way! The benefits are endless, so stick around. I’d be happy to share a few. (More content below.)

To start, I’d like to explain the cold press process. While working in the shop I get a chance to explain this almost hourly, it’s really fun to educate people on our awesomeness! Most people see that our juices are already bottled and don’t understand why we don’t make it “fresh” on the spot. (All my cold pressers will get a kick out of that one.) But like many, before actually getting up close and personal with our dazzling X-1 Juicer I had no clue how cold pressed worked either. So… without further ado,

The differences between cold press and normal juicing:

For one, smaller juicing machines use a lot of friction in the process. Friction creates heat; heat kills the natural enzymes in the fruits and vegetables. Without these natural enzymes packed with nutrients and antioxidants the juice you’ve just made is still good, but only has about a ten minute shelf life and needs to be drank immediately for you to attain the nutritional value you are seeking. Cold Press is simply different. A bit of a give away from the name, but yes, the process of extracting juice from our produce is COLD. This means that all those delicious and nutritious natural enzymes in our fruits and veggies stay perfectly intact. Allowing our product to have a shelf life of up to four days- depending on the juice! Wonderful right? Especially if you’re interested in a cleanse… But that is a topic for another post! Now to explain the reason why we bottle, instead of preparing on the spot. Most juicing machines are fairly small; they can sit on your countertop and only make about one serving at a time. If you’ve ever been inside the shop, you know our X-1 Cold Press is HUGE. The thing is bigger than half our employees, and probably weighs more than all of us combined. Now why would you make one 16 ounce serving in a machine that is capable of juicing dozens and dozens of pounds of produce at a time? I don’t know either… Lucky for us, the ability to juice around forty pounds (give or take) of produce at a time lets us make big batches of your favorite juices! That are then bottled on the spot, in house, with love, by us Juicers here at Shaka. Conveniently for you, it will only take a few short minutes to purchase your favorite concoction and be on your way!

To wrap things up, choose cold pressed!

It is the best thing out there for you. Stop by Shaka and sample some of our favorite concoctions! A seasonal favorite of mine is our Watermelon Wonder. It’s a great way to hydrate on these hot summer days, so be sure to come try it while it lasts! Tune in next week to learn about some more of my favorite juices here at the shop. I will be discussing different ingredients and their nutritional benefits, PLUS the best way to get a jump start on your day! Aloha!

Yoga On the Rocks

New yoga event in town!!

Please come and join us for one hour of sunset yoga at Hyatt Regency Waikiki!!!

Our owner Juri Edwards will be leading the class.

Shaka Pressed Juice will be there along with lululemon athletica!

You can yoga, shop and drink after!

You have also chance to win our One Day Juice Cleanse.

See you there!!