Shaka Pressed Juice is committed to supporting health and wellness in the Honolulu community. With the idea from the great philosopher Hippocrates, “Let Food be Thy Medicine”, we provide complex nutritional value in a delicious cold pressed juice. Our plant based food options also provides customers with a healthy alternative to traditional fast food.

All of our juices are raw, local and organic. Being healthy should not be a challenge, but a reward. Shaka Pressed Juice’s goal is to empower our community to choose a healthy lifestyle. Our product is nourishing, clean fuel for the mind, body, and spirit so that we can all shine from within.


Revitalize. Shine. Empower.


Cold Pressed, 100% raw

We use an advanced cold pressed juicer using only pressure to gently extract vitamins, minerals and enzymes with minimal oxidation. No heat is used in the process, which allows our juices to contain all of the nutrients offered from the natural ingredients.



Our juices are 100% pure. No preservatives. No sugar. No sweetener. No artificial coloring. No fillers. Just pure local and organic fruits and vegetables.


Local, organic and fresh

We source our ingredients locally, whenever possible.  We support local farmers from Hawaii, because there are no short cut.

We believe in using the freshest, highest quality produce available.


Winning Taste

Healthy doesn’t have to taste bad! Our juices are crafted in small batches, creating delicious and innovative flavors with highest standard in quality.  


Plant Based

Fruit and vegetables are important components of a healthy diet, and a sufficient daily consumption could help prevent major diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and obesity. Not only we offer our high quality juices, we also offer plant based healthy food options.


Simple and Convenient

Our busy modern day lifestyle created a “fast food” culture. Having healthy options that are quick and convenient should be available to everyone.